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4 Tips for Traveling With Kids to Keep Them (and You) Calm

Travel, no matter how near or far, has many benefits for children. Families leave the comfort of home to explore new and different people, cultures, environments, and experiences. Not only... Read more

August Mind Yeti News: New Features Launched Right On Time for One More Summer Adventure

Whoa, we’ve come a long way in just over a year! Since Mind Yeti's initial beta launch to educators and parents in May 2016, its fun and friendly guided mindfulness... Read more

Assume the Position: Find Your Yeti Body

At the beginning of each Mind Yeti session, you’ll hear the audio guide ask kids to “…find your Yeti Body.” But what does this mean, exactly? How are kids supposed... Read more

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mindful parenting
Mindful Parenting: A Visit to the Pediatrician

If you’re a child of the 80s like I am, you’ll remember those old Hair Club for Men commercials. But for me, the president’s tagline is not just a gimmick.... Read more

Get Your Mind Ready for Anything with Mind Yeti Premium

Over 20,000 educators and parents use Mind Yeti to teach kids research-based skills to calm, focus, and connect. Our easy-to-use platform and kid-friendly guided audio sessions have made it easy... Read more

Giving Thanks: Resources for a Mindful Holiday

Each year in November, Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a time for expressing gratitude and connecting with family and friends. Cultures all over the world share similar rituals for coming together, sharing... Read more

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Flip the Script: Turn Challenging Transitions into Mindful Moments

We know from research that regular practice is key to learning how and when to settle the Hubbub, and Mind Yeti’s audio sessions make it quick and easy to practice.... Read more

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naming our hubbubbles activity
Naming Our Hubbubbles: Helping Children Identify Thoughts, Feelings, and Sensations

In my work with special needs children, I’ve found that many children struggle to talk about their emotions. I’m an occupational therapist, and I own a small business that serves children,... Read more

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mindfulness research
Mindfulness with Kids: What the Research Tells Us

Did you know that Mind Yeti is just one of Committee for Children’s suite of products to support social-emotional learning in children? As an organization, Committee for Children is dedicated... Read more

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