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4 Tips for Traveling With Kids to Keep Them (and You) Calm

Travel, no matter how near or far, has many benefits for children. Families leave the comfort of home to explore new and different people, cultures, environments, and experiences. Not only... Read more

August Mind Yeti News: New Features Launched Right On Time for One More Summer Adventure

Whoa, we’ve come a long way in just over a year! Since Mind Yeti's initial beta launch to educators and parents in May 2016, its fun and friendly guided mindfulness... Read more

Assume the Position: Find Your Yeti Body

At the beginning of each Mind Yeti session, you’ll hear the audio guide ask kids to “…find your Yeti Body.” But what does this mean, exactly? How are kids supposed... Read more

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new years resolution
Two Quick Tips for Following Through on Your New Year’s Resolutions

While many mindfulness experts (including the Mind Yeti team) recommend forgoing New Year’s resolutions, the fact remains that many of us have goals we want to achieve in 2017. Luckily,... Read more

free template
Free Template: Forget Your Thinking Cap, Put on Your “Hubbubble Hat”!

How do you handle stress? Do you go for a walk? Take a hot shower? Read a book? As adults, we know when our stress levels are on the rise,... Read more

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new year
Help kids say hello to the new year with mindfulness

The beginning of a new year gets many adults thinking about New Year’s resolutions, even though statistically speaking, most are likely fail. But what about kids? Turns out whether they’re... Read more

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mindful holidays
Celebrate the Holidays with Two New Mindfulness Sessions

The Mind Yeti team wishes you and yours a healthy, happy, and mindful holiday season. For our Premium subscribers, we’ve added two new sessions designed to help you make the... Read more

homework packet
Send Mind Yeti Home for the Holidays with a Free Printable Homework Packet

If you’ve been using Mind Yeti with your class, you’ve likely seen the benefits our guided audio sessions can have for children. You’ve started building positive habits and given your... Read more

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Three Tips to Get Through the Holidays with Mindfulness

The holidays are upon us, which means kids are home for winter break and togetherness is the name of the game. Unfortunately, all that togetherness might lead to a meltdown (or three)—caused by activity overload, visitors galore, and more than a few late nights! So what’s a parent to do?

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