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Help kids say hello to the new year with mindfulness

Educators, Parents

The beginning of a new year gets many adults thinking about New Year’s resolutions, even though statistically speaking, most are likely fail. But what about kids? Turns out whether they’re old enough to start thinking about resolutions or not, kids can be anxious about turning over a new leaf, too, especially when going back to school after a long holiday.

Adults can help ease stress by teaching children a more effective habit than annual resolutions: mindfulness. With its focus on non-judgmentally accepting the present moment, mindfulness can simultaneously take the pressure off and give kids a tool for creating a fresh start.

As you help the children in your life transition back to school this week, try our Good Morning World session as a way to help reset and re-focus each day.


Play “Good Morning, World”


Note: You’ll need to have a Premium subscription membership to play these sessions. Not a Premium member yet? Learn more and upgrade now.

And remember – whether you’re making resolutions or not – each day is a new opportunity to look at your life in a new way.

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