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August Mind Yeti News: New Features Launched Right On Time for One More Summer Adventure


Whoa, we’ve come a long way in just over a year!

Since Mind Yeti’s initial beta launch to educators and parents in May 2016, its fun and friendly guided mindfulness sessions have been used by more than 500,000 kids and adults across the U.S. and abroad. Access is free across iOS and desktop, and includes 15 free-forever sessions and a premium content library of 80+ sessions and growing.

Developed by Committee for Children, the global leader in research-based social-emotional learning curricula, Mind Yeti’s groundbreaking approach to mindfulness has zeroed in on the importance of meeting kids where they are, including creating a unique language that encourages open and honest dialog around feelings and self-acceptance.

New features, just in time for the last days of summer vacation

While your average child may be thrilled for summer, anticipating lazy days and sleeping in, the same may not hold true for the adults in their lives. If you’re a parent, you know that summer can be full of crazy fun activities, and some stressful situations. In the continental United States, where we experience 14 to 16 hours of sunlight at the peak of summer, tackling the normal bedtime routine with children can be especially challenging.

To help calm the “Hubbub” wherever your summer adventures may take you, we’ve been hard at work improving Mind Yeti this summer. We’re thrilled to announce some key features available now that just might help you calm the Hubbub in your household.

Our latest Mind Yeti updates

You now have the most accessible way to practice our guided mindfulness sessions wherever your summer adventures take you. And with or without access to Wi-Fi, you can listen to your favorite Mind Yeti sessions with the new “Offline Play” mode and more:

If you’re a premium customer, you’ll find several NEW sleep sessions! Described by one happy parent as “bedtime gold,” the newly released sessions mean that putting the kids to bed when it’s still light outside doesn’t have to be so daunting. Other new sessions including Balloon Drift Off—put your day in a hot-air balloon and let it drift off and Good Night, Friends—settle in for sleep by wishing your friends good night.

“The beauty of Mind Yeti is that it’s based on a growing body of compelling research on the benefits of mindfulness with kids. We’re already hearing from families about how it’s helping kids with anxiety, focus, and sleep,” says Mia Doces, Committee for Children’s director of New Mission Ventures. “Mind Yeti for your mobile phone is a wonderful way to take mindfulness with you anywhere this summer — at the campsite before bed, on the road, or in the air.”

Get started with Mind Yeti

Mind Yeti offers 15 forever-free guided audio sessions and a growing library of premium content. Individuals can sign up for free at or download the iOS app. Premium users who pay $10 monthly or $72 a year ($6/month) get access to Mind Yeti’s unrestricted full library of 80+ sessions (including sleep sessions).

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