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Send Mind Yeti Home for the Holidays with a Free Printable Homework Packet

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If you’ve been using Mind Yeti with your class, you’ve likely seen the benefits our guided audio sessions can have for children. You’ve started building positive habits and given your students the gift of a mindfulness practice that can help them in countless ways throughout their lives.

But over the holiday break, your students will be faced with a whole cacophony of holiday hubbubbles—everything from travel snafus, sugar overload, and sibling stress can put kids on edge. And unless your students continue to practice mindfulness regularly while school is out, they might not yet have the ability to apply what they’ve learned from Mind Yeti in their real lives without your support.

Don’t worry! You can help your students calm the holiday Hubbub by including Mind Yeti in your holiday homework packet. We’ve created a letter to families and two printable worksheets (one for grades K–2 and one for grades 3–5) that make it easy to inspire families to try mindfulness together over the break.

Download the Mind Yeti homework packet which includes:

Additionally, here are some tips for how to share Mind Yeti with families for the holidays:

Assign Specific Mind Yeti Sessions Over the Break

Creating a Mind Yeti account is free, and as long as your families have an Internet-connected device (a mobile device or a computer), they can play sessions. By choosing your favorite sessions and assigning them as homework, you can help your students share the gift of mindfulness with their parents, grandparents, siblings, and other loved ones during this joyous—yet often stressful—time of year.

Allow Families to Choose Their Own Sessions, but Suggest a Routine

Rather than choosing sessions for families, you might just suggest a routine that you think would be helpful. Try to mirror the routine you use in your classroom. If you usually use Mind Yeti at the start of your day, suggest to families that they do the same by playing a session in the morning. If you use Mind Yeti weekly or daily, suggest that routine to your families.

Talk to Students About How They Can Use Mind Yeti Skills at Home, Even If They Don’t Listen to Sessions

If you’re not comfortable with or able to recommend that your families use Mind Yeti audio sessions, you might talk to your students about “the holiday Hubbub.” What are kids excited about over the holiday break? What do families have planned—get-togethers, travel, gift exchanges? Is there anything that worries them? Then, talk about how students might use Mind Yeti skills such as slow breathing, finding your Mind Yeti Body, or envisioning saying “thank you” in the moment. For example, if students talk about how excited they are to play with visiting cousins, discuss how they might try “smelling the soup” if they start to notice an angry Hubbubble bubbling up during playtime.

Helping students transfer the self-regulation skills they’ve learned in your classroom to their homes is a great way to help them cope with holiday stress and come back to school in January feeling refreshed and ready to learn.

Download the Mind Yeti Homework Packet:

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