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Three Tips to Get Through the Holidays with Mindfulness


The holidays are upon us, which means kids are home for winter break and togetherness is the name of the game. Unfortunately, all that togetherness might lead to a meltdown (or three)—caused by activity overload, visitors galore, and more than a few late nights! So what’s a parent to do?

Disrupt the Disruptions

Whether you’re traveling to visit family, hosting a holiday get-together, or increasing your family’s activities for the month, starting a mindfulness routine with your kids now will help create an anchor to make the crazy, busy days much more manageable. Start learning the basics now.

Find Your Focus

This is the time of year when family dynamics can sometimes intensify. Mindfulness can help you develop empathy, which is a wonderful thing to focus on during the holiday season. Teaching your kids how to proactively express gratitude is a gift that will keep on giving. Check out one of our Get Along sessions now.

Just Breathe

When the holiday hoopla gets to be overwhelming, you can use mindfulness as a tool that will help both you and your kids cope. See how our sessions can help.

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