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Flip the Script: Turn Challenging Transitions into Mindful Moments

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We know from research that regular practice is key to learning how and when to settle the Hubbub, and Mind Yeti’s audio sessions make it quick and easy to practice. When you practice is up to you. Our YetiGuides–the 20,000+ educators and parents worldwide who are using Mind Yeti–tell us loud and clear that there’s one strategy that really works: identify problematic or challenging transition times in your day, and use Mind Yeti to create a mindful moment instead.

How do you create a mindful moment? Easy. Just choose a time when the kids in your life could use a little help calming down, focusing, or connecting with you or with others. Here are some common moments in the lives of young people we know:

At Home

  • Just waking up in the morning
  • Winding down for bed at night
  • Before starting homework, practice, or any other activity that requires focus
  • Before, during, or after conflict–like an argument with a sibling or other family member

At School

  • Getting started in the morning, or winding up in the afternoon
  • Transitioning back to learning after lunch, gym, or recess
  • Between lessons or activities to provide a brain break
  • One-on-one with the teacher or counselor after something upsetting happens

On the Go

  • Just before going into a check-up at the doctor
  • During a session with a mental health professional
  • Before, during, or after sports practice or a big game
  • In the car on the way to a big event

These moments–and many more–are just crying out to be mindful. Choose your moment, click “play” on a Mind Yeti session, and watch the Hubbub melt away.

When do you and the kids in your life use Mind Yeti most? Share your mindful moments with the #YetiGuide Community on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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