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Free Course: Creating Mindful Moments with Kids


Announcing a free course for parents and educators:

free course

Research has shown that regular mindfulness practice has a positive social-emotional impact on kids. But what exactly is meant by “regular”? How can busy families find time to meditate in their already over-scheduled days? And how can teachers and counselors prioritize quiet time when there’s so much pressure to deliver standards-based instruction during the already too-short school day?

This free 5-day course will help you and the children in your life experience the benefits of mindfulness, and discover ways to fit it into your day.

Each morning, we’ll send you an email with a link to a mindfulness session to play, as well as tips for fitting more mindful moments into your day. At the end of the week, you’ll have an opportunity to consider how you want to move forward with your mindfulness practice. Choose to receive emails designed for parents, for educators, or both.

The course runs from October 31st – November 4th. Registration is now closed. Sign up here to be notified when we offer the course again.

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