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Mindfulness, Not Detention: Mind Yeti and Classroom Management


What if instead of punishing kids who act out in class, you offered them an opportunity for calm reflection instead? That’s what one school in Baltimore, MD has done.

Working with the Holistic Life Foundation, Robert W. Coleman Elementary School created a “meditation room” for students who had misbehaved. And the results have been astonishing; not only do kids, teachers, and families report feeling calmer and more centered, but the school has managed to avoid suspending any students since implementing the program.

Did you know? Mind Yeti was lucky enough to work with Andres Gonzalez, one of the co-founders of the Holistic Life Foundation, to record three of our guided audio sessions. You can check them out here:

Here at Mind Yeti, we’ve heard over and over again from teachers and counselors about the benefits of mindfulness as a way to both prevent classroom management issues and to intervene to support individual students who might be causing disruptions. Listening to Mind Yeti mindfulness sessions regularly as a whole class can help create a positive classroom culture and a calm, focused environment for learning. And offering some independent Mind Yeti time can be a great way to refocus a young person who’s having a rough day or acting out impulsively.

How do you see mindfulness fitting into your classroom management or school-wide discipline approach?

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