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Three Parenting Strategies for Managing Back to School Stressors

This post originally appeared on the Committee For Children blog. It’s that time again. The summer is quickly coming to an end, and back-to-school is approaching. Just thinking about the... Read more

cheat sheets
Free Download: YetiGuide Cheat Sheets for Parents and Teachers

New to Mind Yeti and mindfulness with kids? This month’s download – a set of personalized quick-start cheat sheets – will help you get up and running in a jiffy:... Read more

Educators, Free Resources, Parents
Assume the Position: Find Your Yeti Body

At the beginning of each Mind Yeti session, you’ll hear the audio guide ask kids to “…find your Yeti Body.” But what does this mean, exactly? How are kids supposed... Read more

Educators, Parents
Free Download: Ground Rules

Setting some ground rules the first few times you use Mind Yeti with kids will help things go smoothly. This fun poster lists some suggested ground rules you might find... Read more

Educators, Free Resources, Parents
Free Download: Gratitude Worksheet

If you’ve been enjoying our Gratitude sessions with the kids in your life, snag this month’s free download to extend and debrief the listening experience:   Love this resource? Show... Read more

Educators, Free Resources, Parents
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