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4 Tips for Traveling With Kids to Keep Them (and You) Calm

Travel, no matter how near or far, has many benefits for children. Families leave the comfort of home to explore new and different people, cultures, environments, and experiences. Not only... Read more

Tips for Using Mind Yeti with Toddlers: Keep Calm and Smell the Soup

As a mother of two young children and an executive at a busy nonprofit organization, I find the concept of mindfulness a bit daunting. My life revolves around the next... Read more

Using Mindfulness to Support an Anxious Child

A child’s anxiety is stressful to the child and can also be stressful for the child’s family. Anxiety can actually be debilitating for kids. Children may spend endless amounts of... Read more

Bedtime Routines: Finding Mindful Moments at the End of Each Day

Most parents don’t think of bedtime as an opportunity to connect with their child. Typically, we as parents associate bedtime with the a frenzied battle zone in which we are... Read more

civil discourse
Fostering Civility: A Mindful Approach

In today’s political climate, it seems we are more divided than ever. Our differences of opinion can lead to heated, and sometimes hurtful, interactions in person and online. While grown-ups... Read more

Educators, Parents
new year
Help kids say hello to the new year with mindfulness

The beginning of a new year gets many adults thinking about New Year’s resolutions, even though statistically speaking, most are likely fail. But what about kids? Turns out whether they’re... Read more

Educators, Parents
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