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Mindful Leadership: Tips for Transforming Your School or District Culture with Mind Yeti

Mindfulness has the potential to empower students and teachers to deal with strong emotions in a clear-minded and calm manner. When done with fidelity, mindfulness can be one of the... Read more

sxswedu recap
SXSWedu 2017 Recap: Social-Emotional Learning and Equity Take Center Stage at Annual EdTech Conference

Last week, Committee for Children had the privilege of attending SXSWedu in Austin, TX. The annual conference draws over 10,000 educators, academics, and professionals from around the world to discuss... Read more

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Can Digital Tools Boost Social-Emotional Learning?

Social-emotional learning (SEL) is a hot topic in education these days. Committee for Children (Mind Yeti’s parent organization) has served as a leader in the SEL field for over 30... Read more

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Mindfulness, Not Detention: Mind Yeti and Classroom Management

What if instead of punishing kids who act out in class, you offered them an opportunity for calm reflection instead? That’s what one school in Baltimore, MD has done. Working... Read more

civil discourse
Fostering Civility: A Mindful Approach

In today’s political climate, it seems we are more divided than ever. Our differences of opinion can lead to heated, and sometimes hurtful, interactions in person and online. While grown-ups... Read more

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free template
Free Template: Forget Your Thinking Cap, Put on Your “Hubbubble Hat”!

How do you handle stress? Do you go for a walk? Take a hot shower? Read a book? As adults, we know when our stress levels are on the rise,... Read more

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