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Assume the Position: Find Your Yeti Body

Educators, Parents

At the beginning of each Mind Yeti session, you’ll hear the audio guide ask kids to “…find your Yeti Body.” But what does this mean, exactly? How are kids supposed to do it? And how can you, as an adult YetiGuide, help when your kids get stuck?

There are really only three things a child needs to do to find his or her Yeti Body.

  1. Sit up straight
  2. Put your feet on the floor or cross your legs
  3. Place your hands on your legs

That’s all there is to it! Children can choose to close their eyes as well, if they like, but they should only do this if it helps them focus on the session.

There are no hard-and-fast rules about Yeti Bodies. Every Yeti Body is different. You can find your Yeti Body when you are sitting in a chair or on the floor, or even when you’re standing. The main thing to focus on is whether or not you are comfortable, still, and focused. If you’re fidgeting or uncomfortable, try your best to settle into the session.

Keep in mind that the best way to help kids find their Yeti Bodies is to model how you find yours. Find a place where you can be still and focus on your breath. Feel your feet or legs on the floor. Don’t be afraid to close your eyes; your children will decide whether or not to follow your lead. It might feel risky or even vulnerable to let go and find your center in front of children, but remember that your body language and behavior will do more to set the tone for the session than any verbal direction you could give. And if you need to, you can always sneak a quick peek during the session to check that everyone is still engaged.

Show us your Yeti Bodies! We love to see kids and adults finding new and fun ways to “assume the position.” Remember to tag your social media posts with #YetiGuide.

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