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4 Tips for Traveling With Kids to Keep Them (and You) Calm

Travel, no matter how near or far, has many benefits for children. Families leave the comfort of home to explore new and different people, cultures, environments, and experiences. Not only... Read more

August Mind Yeti News: New Features Launched Right On Time for One More Summer Adventure

Whoa, we’ve come a long way in just over a year! Since Mind Yeti's initial beta launch to educators and parents in May 2016, its fun and friendly guided mindfulness... Read more

Assume the Position: Find Your Yeti Body

At the beginning of each Mind Yeti session, you’ll hear the audio guide ask kids to “…find your Yeti Body.” But what does this mean, exactly? How are kids supposed... Read more

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April Mind Yeti news: Download the free Mind Yeti iOS app in the iTunes Store

Now you can access kid-friendly mindfulness sessions anytime, anywhere with the Mind Yeti iOS mobile app. Free to download, our app gives you access to your account on your... Read more

Mindful Leadership: Tips for Transforming Your School or District Culture with Mind Yeti

Mindfulness has the potential to empower students and teachers to deal with strong emotions in a clear-minded and calm manner. When done with fidelity, mindfulness can be one of the... Read more

Discover and Boost Your Mindfulness Skills in Our New Power Portal

The human mind is amazing. It has an important job to do that is unlike the job of any other part of your body. Your brain is always working, making... Read more

mind yeti comics
Mind Yeti Comics: Dr. Big Shot

Mind Yeti Comics: Dr. Big Shot   Getting a shot is no fun for kids or grown-ups. In this month’s Mind Yeti Comic, Yeti learns to use mindfulness to make his... Read more

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Tips for Using Mind Yeti with Toddlers: Keep Calm and Smell the Soup

As a mother of two young children and an executive at a busy nonprofit organization, I find the concept of mindfulness a bit daunting. My life revolves around the next... Read more

Product Update: Now You Can Create a List of Your Favorite Sessions is now home to over 35 guided audio sessions that make it easy and fun for you to share mindfulness with the children in your life. This week, we’ve... Read more

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